Corporate Giving

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Many corporations hold a “Birthday Bag Event” as a volunteer event, team building activity, celebration or part of another event or meeting. It can be a one-time event or held periodically. The Birthday Bag Event is an opportunity for employees to have a hands-on volunteer experience by filling birthday gift bags with toys which are distributed to shelters and food shelves so that less fortunate parents can recognize their child’s special day.

The Birthday Bag Event is held at your location in a conference room, cafeteria, atrium, warehouse, etc. The group can be any size from 5 to 150 people involved. Sometimes a Birthday Bag Event is done in shifts. Someone from Cheerful Givers will assist you in the planning, order all of the items needed to fill the birthday bags based on your budget, and if 500 or more birthday bags are being filled (in the Twin Cities area), will attend the function and arrange for all bags to be picked up from your site.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Identify the purpose of your event (volunteer activity, team building, celebration, etc.)
  • Determine the size of your group – how many people do you expect to participate?
  • Establish a budget – Plan to spend $10 for each birthday bag which will include ten toys, a gift bag, and ribbon. As a guideline, a group of 25 people will easily fill 500 bags in less than an hour.
  • Choose a date and time. Allow at least two weeks prior to your event to announce it to employees and to make arrangements. Most Birthday Bag Events are scheduled for one hour. More or less time will work depending on the number of people involved.
  • Reserve a room or determine the location. Generally the larger the room the better.
  • Contact Cheerful Givers – call 612-562-4499 or email to discuss your plans. For new or large groups, a Cheerful Givers representative will plan to attend your event to help with set up and to give a brief orientation to the group about the organization and plans for the day. We can also provide ice breaker activities and/or suggestions for enhancing your event.

Call us if you want to pay for all of the products and we deliver, set-up your event, help you manage the event and take the gifts to the food shelf for you.