Board of Directors



Robin Zelaya distributed the first birthday bags in September of 1993, and founded Cheerful Givers in March of 1994. She is an author, speaker, counselor, and has her doctorate in Human Services with a focus on human and spiritual development. Dr. Robin believes that every Happy birthday for a child at-risk creates a better future for our world.


Executive Director

Susan Boche found Cheerful Givers through her niece who suggested that in lieu of birthday presents she requested gifts be send to this amazing organization. She was very impressed by its mission, history and involvement of board and equally as impressed by enthusiasm and dedication of it’s founder Robin. Now that she is part of the team, she can’t wait to see what’s in store for this awesome nonprofit. 



Lisa Hertel is a professional with a background in Communications and Non-profit management. She has been a volunteer for Cheerful Givers for many years and has enlisted the help of her Girl Scout Troop to make gift bags. Lisa is currently serving in an officer position for Cheerful Givers as our Treasurer.



Beverly has organized, moved boxes, made gift bags, and recently volunteered for the office of Secretary for Cheerful Givers” with “Beverly has organized our volunteer center and warehouse, moved boxes, made gift bags for many children in need. Beverly holds an officer position as the Board Secretary for Cheerful Givers. She was recently named our 2017 Volunteer of the Year … thank you, Beverly!!



Lauren Tjernlund began her career in government, working at both the local and federal level on communication and policy for various companies and clients. Recently, her career took a shift to a more digital marketing and public relations focus and she couldn’t be more excited to continue in that direction working with Cheerful Givers.