Tyler Edberg, Amazing! Cheerful! Giver!

What a great pleasure to meet Tyler Edberg and his family! Tyler contacted Cheerful Givers a couple months ago and wanted to conduct a toy drive in honor of his upcoming Bar Mitzvah in November.

Tyler created a flier with information regarding his toy drive and set out to let everyone know about his plan to help under-privileged children have HAPPY birthdays. On the last day of school, he gave out the fliers to school mates, then through out summer break, he spoke to family members, neighbors, friends, the soccer team and even his Dad's co-workers. Gifts came from everywhere, including a box of toys sent from California.

Tyler also received cash donations, which he used to go shopping for more toys. His sister, Peyton, even donated $50 of her own money to help her brother with his goal.

All in all, Tyler collected 189 beautiful items for our birthday bag program! When his family dropped off the items at Cheerful Givers, they had fun using some of the products they collected to make wonderful birthday bags, which our clients will be proud to give their children and the children will love to have to celebrate their special day.

Thanks, Tyler, you are an Outstanding Cheerful Giver!