Birthday Bags

Gather a group of friends and host a Birthday Bag party where you make your own birthday bags to donate to families. 

What To Include In The Birthday Bags
Items should be suitable for kids ages 3-12 (or you can make gift bags specifically for infants and toddlers or teenagers). About 8-10 new items should go into each bag with a total value of ten or more dollars. An effort should be made to see that one “lasting” item like a plush animal or book  is in each bag. Below are some suggestions, but let your imagination be your guide.

  • Crayons & Stickers
  • Cards & Yo Yos
  • Books & Games
  • Whistles & Mini-Frisbees
  • Bubbles & Pencils
  • Coloring or activity books &  notepads
  • Balls & Pens
  • Puzzles & Small plush animals
  • Slinkys & Novelty toys

Download these instructions as a PDF.