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Social Networking
You can help Cheerful Givers by encouraging others to help us provide birthday gifts for children living in poverty on their birthday. You can spend a few minutes or an hour posting messages, and we will provide the copy. Can be done any time from your location.

Group Activity — Easy & Fun
When having a get-together at your home with family and friends, bring out an assortment of small new toys and birthday gift bags (which you have previously purchased) and ask each person to assemble bags with an assortment of 8-10 items. When done, take your filled birthday bags to a local shelter or food shelf for parents who can’t afford to give their child a birthday gift. Then send a quick email to to record how many bags you filled and where they were donated. Know that you have given the gift of a Happy Birthday as well as greater self-esteem to kids who need it.

Toys For Birthdays
Kids have birthdays every month, which can be overlooked simply because parents don’t have the funds to buy a gift. You can help make all kids  feel special.

Conduct a new toy drive at your business, school, church or with your family and friends. Could include items like balls, crayons, yo yos, cards, stickers, coloring books, beanie babies, puzzles, or any new items for kids ages 3-12. Items can be assembled into birthday gift bags (8-10 items per bag) and brought to a local food shelf or simply donated to Cheerful Givers for others to assemble.

 Pencil and/or Crayon Collector
All you need to do is collect new pencils and/or crayons (any type) from friends, families or local organizations who might want to hold a toy drive. All items will be included in birthday gift bags for children living in poverty on their birthday. Send to: Cheerful Givers, 1287 Berry Ridge Rd, Eagan, MN 55123.

 Operation Birthday Child
Organize any size group to host “Operation Birthday Child” for a day or week. Can be done at any time at your own location. Simply ask group members to donate one gift bag filled with an assortment of small new toys for kids ages 3-12, such as balls, puzzles, stickers, crayons, etc. Or if they prefer, they can donate $10 and we will do the shopping.

After you have collected all of the birthday bags, take them to a local food shelf or shelter and let us know how many bags you donated (contact If you have more than 100 bags in the Twin Cities area, we can arrange pick up. Each birthday bag will allow one parent to be able to recognize their child’s birthday. This is an easy way for groups or families to support the community.

Inkind Donations Assistant
Assist in online research to find prospective inkind donors of toys and items for our birthday bags. Work from your home with flexible hours.

Host a Birthday Bag Blitz
Any group (civic, corporate, church, school, family or friends) can hold a Birthday Bag Blitz to provide birthday gift bags for less fortunate children. Group assembles birthday bags by placing 8-10 items in each gift bag. The Blitz is held at your location (home, office, etc.) whenever convenient for you. Group must provide gift bags and new toys for kids ages 3-12 and deliver bags to a nearby shelter or food shelf. If more than 100 bags are filled (within Minnesota), we can arrange for pick-up. This is a unique, fun activity for all ages! All we require is that you let us know how many birthday bags you filled and where you donated them.

Spreading The Word Ideas
*  Ask your contacts to donate $10 online at (the cost of a birthday gift bag for one child). Ask them to forward request to others using emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.
*  Plan a birthday party and instead of buying gifts, ask each person to make a donation in honor of the birthday person.
*  Ask your favorite local stores, restaurants or businesses to host a “Cheerful Givers Day” and donate a portion of their proceeds or have them collect donations from customers.
*  Implement creative fundraising ideas

Grant Researcher
Assist in researching grant funding possibilities. Use the web to find new sources of potential income for Cheerful Givers. Work from your home/office with flexible schedule.

Party Planners
Plan and host a party in your home.  Provide snacks and try to get a local celebrity or entertainer to participate. Take about ten minutes at the party to tell the Cheerful Givers story and encourage donations. We provide information and “I’m A Cheerful Giver” stickers.

Blog & Newsletter Assistant Writers
Help to research and write articles for our e-newsletter and blog. Creative ideas welcome!

Raise Funds For Birthday Gifts
Use your contacts or skills to raise $ for our unique nonprofit or implement a fundraising event. Work from your home/office with flexible schedule.



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