What to Include In The Birthday Bags

Items should be suitable for kids ages 3-12. About 8-10 new items should go into each bag with a total value of about ten dollars. An effort should be made to see that one “lasting” item like a plush animal or book  is in each bag. Here are some suggestions, but let your imagination be your guide.

Download these instructions as a PDF


  • Crayons & Stickers
  • Cards & Yo Yos
  • Books & Games
  • Whistles & Mini-Frisbees
  • Bubbles & Pencils
  •  Coloring or activity books &  notepads
  • Balls & Pens
  • Puzzles & Small plush animals
  • Slinkys & Novelty toys


Contact robin@cheerfulgivers.org with questions.

The instructions given here are only a guideline. Remember that the gift  lies in the giving. Make it fun, rewarding, and meaningful. Please let us know what you have done by entering your event into the form on our web site.


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