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Hold a Birthday Bag Blitz
People who aren’t very familiar with Cheerful Givers often ask “What’s a Blitz?” And once that question has been answered, they often want to know “How can I participate in a Blitz?

Blitz is a German word for lightning and an English definition is “an intense campaign.” For Cheerful Givers, when volunteers gather to create birthday gift bags they are often intent on filling those bags as quickly as possible. Each bag contains an assortment of ten new toys which include items like books, plush toys, balls, puzzles, stickers, crayons, etc.

Blitzes are held by various groups – corporate, civic, school, faith-based and even families. Employees like the idea of volunteering during the work day often without leaving their building and find assembling birthday bags a gratifying experience. Some corporations use a Blitz as a team-building activity during a day-out meeting or include it in their employee recognition program or company outing.

For questions on how to plan or conduct a Blitz, contact

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A Birthday Bag Blitz is a great activity at family gatherings and also supports your community. It makes a great birthday party activity for children or adults while instilling the value of concern for one’s neighbor and community. It can also be done in conjunction with your Thanksgiving celebration or any other holiday.
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Holding a Birthday Bag Blitz within a corporate setting provides employees a hands-on volunteer opportunity to make a difference without leaving the workplace. A blitz can be held annually, quarterly,
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Community  (School, Faith-based or Civic Organizations)
Many organizations hold a Birthday Bag Blitz to provide a hands-on volunteer opportunity that impacts their community. Examples of those who successfully use this activity include school groups, confirmation classes, boy and girl scout groups, neighborhood and women’s groups.
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Tell Us What You Did
It’s important for us to track the number of birthday bags being filled and where they are distributed. We also welcome photos of your Birthday Bag Blitz for possible use in our e-newsletter and/or website. Send to

Where To Donate Birthday Bags
See list of shelters and food shelves in the Twin Cities area. If outside of Minnesota, do an online search to find a food shelf or shelter in your area.


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