October 24th, 2016 | Birthdays, Book, Children, Kids

We have a brand new coloring book you can download, print and bring to life with color!

Cheerful Givers comic book

Cheerful Givers Birthday Rumble coloring comic book

David Chang, our summer intern who is currently enrolled at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, created this fun comic book, “Birthday Rumble,” which tells the story of a rivaling superhero and super villain who happen to be twins.

Click here to download “Birthday Rumble,” print it out and color away!

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October 21st, 2016 | Children, Donations, Giving, Volunteers

There are so many ways to get involved in Cheerful Givers. Here’s a peak at how volunteers and donors of all ages have helped us provide birthday gifts for more than 1 million children.


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August 21st, 2016 | Birthdays, Children

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May 28th, 2016 | Birthdays, Children, Kids

When Clara Willingham and her mother, Stephanie, started planning Clara’s ninth birthday party, they looked for something special guests could bring instead of presents. They sought out different causes they could donate to, and came upon Cheerful Givers, which donates birthday gifts to children facing homelessness and poverty.

Along with a birthday party invitation, Clara’s mother Stephanie sent out a link to the Cheerful Givers Birthday Bag Instructions page, which provides helpful suggestions for birthday bag items. Clara and her friends assembled 15 bags! She and her mom then dropped the bags off at the Sabathani Community Center Food Shelf in Minneapolis, where children’s parents can pick up the gifts and give them to their kids on their birthdays.

Clara Willingham

Clara, thank you for your generosity! Your caring gesture will give 15 kids a very special birthday.

Are you interested in hosting a bag assembly party or donating to Cheerful Givers? Please visit our Get Involved page!

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May 26th, 2016 | Children, Donations, Giving, Kids, Schools

In April, a very special group of small volunteers from Happee Hollee’s Preschool & Childcare in St. Michael, Minnesota, helped give 17 children memorable birthdays.

Happee Hollee's Preschool & Childcare Donates to Cheerful Givers

The preschoolers at Hollee’s assembled birthday bags for children facing homelessness and poverty, and donated them to the Hanover Food Shelf. The bags, which included books, games and toys, will be distributed to the children’s parents at the shelter.

Thanks to the preschoolers who assembled the bags, the children will be able to celebrate their birthdays with a true birthday gift.

Thank you Happy Hollee’s Preschool!

If you’re interested in donating to our assembling gift bags for Cheerful Givers, please email Robin Steele at robin@cheerfulgivers.org.

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February 8th, 2016 | Children, Family, Kids


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January 19th, 2016 | Children, Giving, Kids


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January 8th, 2016 | Children, Donations, Giving, Partners

IMG_1327Who doesn’t love a teddy bear?

Cheerful Givers was thrilled to receive 240 more cuddly bears today from Go! Calendars & Games.

Thanks for bringing pure joy to a lot of kids!

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January 2nd, 2016 | Birthdays, Children, Family, Giving, Kids

Happy-New-Year-2016-380x254By Robert Becka

Looking for a great way to make (and keep) your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Try involving your kids!

Regardless of whether you make the same resolutions, you’re all more likely to keep them if they’re made as a family: your encouragement will help the kids stay on track, and in return they’ll keep you honest. Turn it into a game (complete with small treats as rewards), and you’re even more likely to stick with it!

Need a few ideas?

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a great list of resolutions for children, separated by age group. Give it a look — we think you’ll find that more than a couple of them (including those for preschoolers) would be great additions to your own list of resolutions.

Naturally, we suggest resolutions such as “I will help out in my community!” It’s not only a great way to teach kids the joys of charitable giving; it’s also a fun way to bond as a family while helping children in need!



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December 28th, 2015 | Birthdays, Children, Donations, Family, Giving, Holidays, Kids

Boy with bagWe so very much appreciate all of the generous individuals who support our mission to provide birthday gifts for less fortunate children.

Because there are many children with January birthdays who we don’t want to go without, we’re asking if you or your organization might consider one more gift?

$10 or more will make a difference here!

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