Cheerful Givers Founder:  Robin Steele Cheerful Givers Board of Directors:  Mike Bollinger, Claudia Cuddyer, Brent Reinsberg, Mykl Roventine, Jodi Trost, Randy Williams Kathleen Beckman  – Birthday Bags Margie Black – Events Sharon Bright – Birthday Bags Corey Cox – Events Coleen Dorman –  Data Entry Esperanza Garcia – Promotion Meredith Gilroy – Events Mary Glessner […]

By Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak Although pumpkins or “pepos” are native to Mexico since as early as 7000 BC for having been used in everyday cooking and serving as drinking cups, we know them today as part of the holiday fanfare for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Orange is their most prevalent color, but they can also […]

By Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak Name Day is a day when you celebrate your first name, in much the same way as your birthday. The only difference is that the date you were born doesn’t apply; you simply share this special day with others who have your first name. Originally started as a European tradition […]

By Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak There have been several people from various countries who have been known at one time or another as being the oldest person alive.  Since the average person lives anywhere from 60-80 years, it is a rare thing indeed when someone surpasses those marks and hits the milestones of 90, 100, […]

By Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak If you’ve ever had the notion to travel on your birthday, chances are you pick a place that appeal to your needs.  How do you like to spend your birthday?  What is your idea of fun?  Believe it or not, there is actually something to be said about your astrological […]

By Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak It’s that time of year again where March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb (or vice versa)…making you think of the returning Spring, warmer days and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day and college basketball’s March Madness.  But that’s not all!  There are also a fair number […]

by Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak December is a month of holidays, spirituality, and birthdays, of course!  December 23rd is the day Japan celebrates the birthday of their current leader, Emperor Akihito.  That day is considered a national holiday celebrated by the locals and tourists alike, where decorative flags, banners, birthday sentiments, and fanfare mark the […]

By Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak The owners of the bakery Pat-a-Cakes and Cookies Too in Noblesville, Indiana know how to make any occasion, including birthdays, special.  From cakes of all sizes, to cupcakes, cookies, pies, and other pastry delights, Tricia Perkinson and Cheryl Bowman aim to please.  With fifty years combined experience in the baking […]

By Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak The people in the Latin countries of South America love birthdays, and they have several interesting customs. In much of the region, the birthday boy or girl gets a pull on the earlobe for good luck throughout the year. Because family is very important to South Americans, they often gather […]

by Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak Birthdays in England are exciting for everyone involved—not just the birthday girl or boy.  People of all ages celebrate their birthdays, and share treats and cakes with schoolmates or coworkers.  Greeting cards have also been customary to send and receive for the past 100 years. Upon awakening, young children are […]


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