Cheerful Givers was lucky to work with talented interns this summer. One of these smart, creative students was Sihai Zhu, currently enrolled at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Filmmaking.

It was great working with Sihai this summer. We had a great time on location videotaping our retired volunteers, agency representatives and corporate employee volunteers. We even got to meet a single mom who presented one of our gifts to her son for his birthday—that was awesome! It was a memorable summer and very special to share those moments with Sihai. She is very professional and has a great eye for how the scene will look on video. She is very kind and concerned about sharing our cheerful message with the world. Check out one of the videos she created here!

Cheerful Givers Video

“The Cheerful Givers internship was the most meaningful thing I did this summer. It was a good opportunity for me to use my filmmaking skills to show people what kind of organization Cheerful Givers is and how its grown in the last 22 years. My mission is to document the terrific stories behind this organization that most people would never know. This wasn’t just an internship, but a valuable life experience. Thank you, Robin Zelaya, for bringing me into this project and for creating one of the best organizations for children who live in poverty.”

Thank you, Sihai!

To learn more about volunteering for Cheerful Givers, visit our Get Involved page.

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