David Chang is currently enrolled at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Art in Comic Art. David used his illustration and comic expertise to create the “Birthday Rumble” comic/coloring book. Kids can download, print and color this superhero birthday comic from our website. David is very creative and imaginative, and puts a lot of effort into the projects he takes on. He can take an idea and turn it into a 25-page comic. If you need a comic book or out-of-this-world illustrations, contact David via email at dchang@mcad.edu.

Cheerful Givers comic book

Cheerful Givers Birthday Rumble coloring comic book

“At the very beginning of the project, I was thinking about what both boy and girl readers like. I came up with the ideas of a super hero and a super villain. I also decided to make them twins, so they would have the same birthday and have the ‘problem’ of getting a gifts for each other. The characters love each other, as siblings, but they also hate each other because under masks, they don’t know they’re enemies. There’s a heroic flip at the end of the story, when the twins learn they need to be on the same side and decide to both become super heroes and make sure kids throughout the world are recognized on their birthday.

The experience of creating this small comic book was very fun. I was very fortunate that Cheerful Givers gave me an opportunity to create something I love doing.

Thank you, David!

To learn more about volunteering for Cheerful Givers, visit our Get Involved page.

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