Giant Microbes

Giantmicrobes, Inc. said they “are proud to support Cheerful Givers in its mission to help all parents provide birthday gifts for their kids and hope our products bring a smile to each birthday boy and girl and spark their curiosity about the fascinating, microscopic world around them.”

 GIANTmicrobes products are humorously educational toys modeled on electron micrographs and enlarged a million times actual size. The nearly 100 microbes in the Originals plush toy series include Common Cold, Ebola Virus, Brain Cells, and more.  The toys are popular worldwide with college students, medical professionals, parents, educators, collectors, and kids of all ages.

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plushmicrobes guy
February 10, 2011

I recently bought a bunch of these Giantmicrobe plush toys for Christmas as presents for several of my family, including my little sister. I think that it is great that Giantmicrobes Inc is supporting Cheerful Givers, if more big companies gave a little there would be a lot of happy children. Thankyou or this wonderful post.

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